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Board and Committees

AIPS  is governed by a Board of Trustees, answerable to the Full Council of member organisations. The Full Council elects the President and the Board of Trustees.
The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organisation functions within the legal, regulatory and financial requirements of a registered charity, and delegates close scrutiny of its governance policies and activities to the relevant sub-committee.
The Board is comprised of trustees elected by Member Organisations and additional, independent trustees appointed by the Board for their skills and experience. All Trustees act in an independent capacity to deliver the Science Council’s public benefit objectives but take collective responsibility for Board decisions.

The trustees are responsible for the overall governance and management of the AIPS and for ensuring that the AIPS meets its charitable objectives.
Trustees are elected by member organisations to serve in this capacity as individuals and not as representatives of organisations, interest groups or sectors. Elected trustees normally serve a four year term with one quarter of elected trustees retiring each year.
All trustees are bound by the AIPS’s Register of Interests policy.
The Chairs of the Registration Authority, and the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee attend the Board but are not trustees.

There are three Board sub-committees:
Registration Authority
The Board is advised on matters relating to the four Registers by a Registration Authority. The Registration Authority is appointed by the Board and is responsible for upholding the registration standards.

  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Governance Committee


URGENT INFORMATION: This is to inform the general public that venue for the 2018 induction ceremony has been changed from the Novella Planet Hotel, Port Novo, Republic of Benin to LTV hall.  The new venue for the induction ceremony of our prestigious and reputable international professional bodies shall be Lagos State Television Combo Hall, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Time :  12 Noon.     
Date :  May 12th,  2018.  Your presence would be highly appreciated sir/ma.