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Effective charities need effective boards, says Lords report

By Oliver O'Hanlon 26.04.17 Charities Governance

Until recently I would have probably found the House of Lords’ Select Committee on Charities report on strengthening the charitable sector a bit dreary. But having lately taken on greater responsibility for governance matters at the Science Council, as well as embarking on a corporate governance course, I found the report a rather interesting read. With 100 conclusions and recommendations it covers a lot of ground. Here are three of the most interesting areas covered:  

“Robust governance requires good structures, processes and behaviours…strategy and foresight as well as a culture of scrutiny, support and challenge.”
I don’t think that many would say that this is a particularly controversial statement. Like any business, charity employees most likely take their behavioural cues from those at the top of the organisation. If the board and senior management promote a culture of openness, honesty and debate then this is likely to permeate down the organisation. The board of a charity should set its values and standards and communicate to the executive their expectations on meeting these values and standards. I would also advocate including these on the charity’s website. The Science Council has adopted the following values: Inclusive, Balanced, Informed, Positive, Collaborative.

Trustee skills and training
“Training and development are essential for charity trustees in order for the sector to work effectively”
The report recommends that charities regularly undertake board skills audits, annually for larger charities, to ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise to perform their functions. Indeed. Ongoing training and upskilling is a common occurrence for staff in many organisations, be they charitable or otherwise, so why should trustees be any different?


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